Escape From Zombies

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Escape From Zombies

Escape From Zombies
You’re a survivor of a zombie apocalypse and also you’re caught in a constructing with a damaged automotive and hordes of zombies are attacking within the garden. However wait, you discovered instruments sufficient to repair the automotive to flee from the hordes of zombies. ARE YOU READY FOR IT? You are attempting to repair the automotive whereas attempting to defend your self in opposition to hordes of zombies. Roll for fulfillment on every part. Any zombie that survived will assault the barricade. If you efficiently killed 10 zombies you can be rewarded with power-up.

How to play the Games ?

How To Play

You get 4 Action Dice to be spent on the 3 section of the game which are LAWN,BARRICADE and CAR. If you place LAWN and get 3 or more value of dice, you get 1 shot for zombies. If you place BARRICADE and get 3 or more value, get 1 hp of barricade, get 5 or